What We Love To Do

Refining Design Interiors can assist you with the following services:

INTERIOR DECORATING - Space Planning + Design + Consulting/Decorating + Acquiring New furnishings and window coverings

REDESIGN: 1 day Make-Over - In just 1 day the Refining Design team will go into your home and redesign your space using all your own items without purchasing anything new. Perfect times for a make-over is when
A) You are ready to decorate and not sure what furnishings/accessories you think should stay or go.
B) Having a large gathering and need to pare down/reposition the items you have in the space.
C) You have lived with your home the same way for years and years and just need an refresh without purchasing new items

HOME STAGING - Selling your Home and need to make it buyer ready. We will stage your home using your existing furnishings or by renting some new items.

CONSULTING - Guidance, Tips and Space Planning

TRAINING/SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - Become a Certified CRSS or Hire us to speak at your event

Refining your space can easily be achieved by incorporating your existing décor or starting fresh with a whole new look...
Whether you simply need some furniture placement ideas
Whether you need to determine scale and proportion of furniture pieces that you would like to purchase
Whether you are moving in a new home simply need some colour on the walls, or accent pieces
Whether you are selling your home or downsizing and need assistance de-cluttering/staging.

Refining Design Inc and creative team will take YOUR design vision and bring it to life by creating a balanced, functional space that reflects your individual tastes and lifestyle. Anything you could need we have you covered!

Decorate Like A Modern Man
Gentlemen, the “Interior Décor Tips For the Modern Man” ebook will show you how to...
  • Design the perfect mancave
  • Create a bathroom fit for a king
  • Demystify décor basics
  • Make your space YOURS
  • Balance function with style
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